Are you going to read an Enemy chapter for Twig? Here are voice samples from the characters we’ve met so far. I care an awful lot about consistency, so I expect new readers’ character expression to match the ones that have already been released.

Characters are listed approximately in order of appearance.

The Lambs

Sylvester, our “hero.” Nasal enough to be a little annoying, but not in a way that makes listeners want to turn off the podcast. Sounds like an adult speaking with a child’s voice. Cocky.

No sample. Just listen to any non-interlude episode.

Jamie, his best friend. Shy and gentle, and a little effeminate. Tries to keep from getting into fights and to keep the others from fighting.

Helen, a femme fatale in training. A chirpy voice with an audible smile. Sounds like she will grow up to be Marylin Monroe, but in the meantime she’s just tickled pink to dissassemble your ribcage.

Lillian, a good doctor. A young girl with a high-pitched voice. I imagine she sounds like a ten-year-old Kristen Chenoweth.

Gordon, the golden boy. A masculine voice, but still a child. Sounds the most like an adult even though he isn’t one. Would grow up to be Chris Evans.

Mary, a girl who likes knives. A low-voiced female child. Unsure of herself unless she’s exercising her true talent, which is fighting.

Ashton, a little boy who doesn’t understand people very well but can manipulate their emotions.

Duncan, a young man trying to become a professor.


The Duke, a powerful noble

The Infante, an even more powerful noble

The Baron and the Twins, a sadistic family of nobles

Other Characters

Mrs. Earles, the landlady of the orphanage

Professor Hayle, the Lambs’ patron and creator of Sy, Jamie, and Gordon

Lacey, one of Hayle’s assistants

Ibbot, Helen’s creator

Catcher, half of the Academy’s best tracking team

Dog, the other half of the Academy’s best tracking team

Percy, a rebel and Mary’s original creator

Cynthia, a rebel

Rick, an orphan boy who annoys Sy

Reverend Mauer, a former soldier and rebel preacher

Gladys Shipman, an attractive Academy student

Genevieve Fray, an ex-professor candidate planning to save humanity

Wendy, a stitched girl who travels with Fray

Melancholy, one of four members of the “Humors,” an Academy-made superweapon team

Avis Pardoe, a member of the rebellion with an affinity for birds